The Risk Is Real

Why you need a Drug Diversion Consultant. . .


Federal and state investigations of controlled substance diversion have increased at a feverish pace, with civil fines levied against individuals and institutions across almost every segment of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, dental practices, and veterinary facilities.


The current Federal fine per infraction is $14,502 – and it has become common for fines to be in excess of $1 million dollars.  The current opioid crisis is only increasing the pressure on investigators to conduct even tougher oversight.


Inspections conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and state agencies are typically unannounced, and it is crucial that your facility and staff are prepared.   Yet many healthcare providers are lax in the identification and prevention of constantly changing risk because caring for patients is their number one priority.


TITAN Drug Diversion Consultants provide defensible security protocols to ensure compliance with state and Federal regulations, strengthening your practice’s policies, procedures, and day-to-day operations.  TITAN’s in-depth assessment of your facility’s risk for drug diversion provides a thorough review and analysis of the current state of processing practices, workflow, and compliance to accepted DEA and State regulatory standards.


Enhanced TITAN Diversion fraud detection results in greater protection for your practitioners, improved patient safety, and a safer working environment for your staff. Capitalizing on over 25 years of experience with domestic and international dangerous drug investigations, TITAN has the accumulated knowledge to provide your institution with objective analysis and the guidance necessary to improve your compliance, reduce risk exposure, and addresses dangerous weaknesses in your handling of controlled substances.

As a TITAN customer, your full-spectrum diversion prevention assessment including:

A full report on the current state of your facility’s risks and gaps in terms of handling of controlled substances

Options/recommendation for process improvements

An implementation plan where TITAN’s specialists work with your team to make improvements



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