Drug Diversion Services

TITAN’s expertise in conducting risk assessments focuses on providing you and your team with the tools and knowledge to function more securely.  TITAN provides a full suite of drug diversion prevention solutions:

Operational Assessments

Security Assessments and Planning

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Surprise Inspection Drills

Consultants perform end-to-end analyses of your facility to examine compliance with storage and security standards, employee screening, proper processes, and use of equipment. We identify weaknesses and constraints inhibiting proper adherence to rules and regulations as they pertain to protection of your controlled substance inventory.

We compare current DEA and state regulations versus your facility’s current policy and procedures. TITAN also identifies and addresses bottlenecks and pitfalls in how you secure your controlled substance inventory (e.g., monitoring equipment, alarm systems, safes, etc.).

We can support the process of accreditation and/or regulatory compliance to meet relevant DEA and state standards.

TITAN can conduct announced and unannounced mock DEA-style investigations to identify and address gaps in performance.

Staff Optimization

Employment Security

Process Flow Optimization


We ensure that employees are trained appropriately to perform their roles within the scope of controlling drug diversion.

TITAN can review employee hiring and screening practices, drug testing systems, and background checking processes to lower risks of hiring individuals who can be a threat to the organization.

TITAN’s consultants undertake an extensive review of your handling of controlled substances to identify areas that are at risk for possible diversion and target those areas for improvement.

TITAN can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then prepare a remediation plan that recommends changes to be made, as well as how to deploy ongoing and continuous monitoring solutions.

TITAN’s Education Programs offer a suite of training courses that keep your staff at all levels current on trends, issues, and proactive prevention measures they can take in diversion of controlled substances.

TITAN’s Customers

TITAN’s Drug Diversion Services team works with all healthcare provider types including hospitals, ambulatory centers, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospice, intermediate care facilities, dialysis facilities, dental practices and veterinary clinics.